A Week of Christian Unity

Between the dates of Jan. 18th through Jan.  25th we will be observing a week of prayer for Christian unity.  This week is an international ecumenical observance during which every major Christian communion in the world prays for the unity of the Church.  During this time we pray for the churches here in our own neighborhood and for the united efforts of churches across the globe.  We pray for the reunion of all those who belong to Christ through baptism and through faith. I encourage you to join in these prayers.

Beyond Belief reports;

If you ask Christians why they take part in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, their answers are likely to include the points listed.  Perhaps each day you can pray about one of these points.

  • A common desire to communicate God’s love to all the world
  • Accepting that God’s ultimate purpose is to unite all things in Christ
  • Obedience to the prayer of Jesus Christ “That all might be one” (John 17:21)
  • Christ’s people must pray for this reconciliation
  • Desire to show the Church as a sign of the unity of God’s Kingdom
  • Acknowledgment that all churches experience a mutual interdependence
  • Desire to demonstrate a unity that is sometimes hidden by denominational differences through the act of praying together

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