Lenten Reflections: Second Sunday of Lent

Have Trust – Will Travel

Some of you may recognize this title as a take-off of an old western series, Have Gun – Will Travel.  I remember the show from Nick at Nite reruns, but if you remember the original series, then praise be to God.  The title of this series was a popular catch phrase response of the time, indicating that the person was ready for anything.

This week’s Old Testament text is the call story of Abram and Sarai, later known as Abraham and Sarah, and they give us an extreme idea of what it means to be ready for anything.  When called by the Lord, Abram and Sarai are living a pretty good life in the land of Ur.  Ur at the time was a wealthy city with libraries and schools.  Ur was also a city in which idol worship was rampant.  God calls Abram and Sarai to leave this city, venturing forth with blind trust that God would get them where God needed them to be.

Some of you may have been in extreme circumstances where you have experienced blind trust, also known as faith, in the Lord.  I have been in these types of situations a few times.  I am in one now.

Following worship on Sunday, SPR Chair Jan Winchell announced that I am being appointed to Leavenworth Community United Methodist Church in July.  Though I have some sadness in leaving, I also feel confident moving on as I continue to trust that I am where the Lord wants me to be.

It is always a challenge to move, and probably even more of a challenge to move out of comfortable circumstances.  The call story of Abram and Sarai is but one of many call stories that illustrate the biblical point that call is always to service and responsibility and never to privilege and comfort.

God called on Abram and Sarai to trust that movement guided by God would be good.  Just as God is guiding my move to Leavenworth, I know that God is guiding someone else to Queen Anne, and my prayers and blessings are with that person.  God is calling each of us; I pray that like Abram and Sarai, the response to our call is Have Trust – Will Travel.

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