Welcome Pastor Katie

Gentle Readers,

 You can exhale now! 

It feels as if we have been holding our collective breath over the past two months as we have anxiously awaited the identity of our new pastor.  Drum roll please, QAUMC’s new pastor is Rev. Katie Ladd.  Rev. Katie recently met with our SPR Committee and I have heard that the meeting resulted in a thumbs-up all the way around.  Thank You SPR for your hard work and diligence.  Welcome Rev. Katie. 

Though our new pastor has been identified and we have all exhaled, this does not mean that we can totally relax.  It only means that the focus of our attention will change.  Transitions are a critical time.  Receiving a new pastor is a significant occasion in the life of a church and therefore deserves some reflection.

I ask you to offer prayers for Rev. Katie and the church as you embark on this part of the journey together.  Encourage and support Rev. Katie and the church with your energy, talents and spiritual gifts as well as your financial contributions.  If you haven’t volunteered before, consider stepping up and volunteering for a role in the church, or even volunteering more than usual.  Help contribute to the unity of the church.  Commit to remain faithful and engaged so that God’s intended work can be accomplished.

Wow, it has been three years and this is the last newsletter that I will write for the Spirit.  In another few weeks I will be moving to Leavenworth Community UMC.  It feels quite strange to no longer call Queen Anne my home church, but it feels great and it is comforting to turn over the shepherding of the congregation to Rev. Katie.

I have been blessed to walk with you for three years and to help you prepare for your next pastor.  I have grown so much during my time here, and I leave with heartfelt joy.  Thank you for your love and support.   I am hopeful that your ministry with Rev. Katie will be fruitful in the years to come. I pray that the exhale that has been released becomes a movement of the Holy Spirit in this church, blessing all in the name of Christ.

 Pastor Denise

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