Pastor Katie’s First Post – Nothing But Nets

This is my first post on Queen Anne’s website. I want to use this moment to thank your outgoing pastor The Rev. Denise Roberts for helping me transition to Queen Anne. I¬†know that the congregation and neighborhood will miss her terribly.

Next, I want to use this first post to invite the congregation to a very special mission opportunity…and a great time. On Saturday, July 9, the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church teams up with the Seattle Storm to raise awareness about malaria. Malaria is a preventable and (usually) treatable disease. Yet, every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies of it. Every 45 seconds.

I grew up in a part of the United States that had been ravaged by yellow fever in the late 1800s. Every year tourists would come to my home town and learn about its history, including the disease that killed thousands upon thousands of people – all because of a mosquito. In the 1800s no one knew what spread yellow fever. Today, we do know what causes malaria. There is no reason that we cannot stop it in its tracks.

Come join me at the July 9 Seattle Storm game at the Key Arena. The game begins at 7 PM. Prior to the game, The United Methodist Church will be hosting a table brimming with T-shirts, wrist bands, and handouts about the Nothing But Nets Campaign. Come the night before my first Sunday and have fun. Come. And Send a net. Save a life.

For more information about attending the July 9 game at the Storm, please contact me. Or, go to the conference website. To learn more malaria and how to send a net, go to the Nothing But Nets website.

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