October 2 – Blessing the Animals

This is Georgie. Animals enrich our lives.
In honor of Saint Francis, whose Feast Day is October 4, Queen Anne UMC will host a Blessing of Animals during our regular worship time, 10:00 AM on Sunday, October 2.

Bring your people-friendly dogs, hamsters, birds, and other animals to QAUMC. During the course of the service, animals will be brought forward to be sprinkled with holy water and receive a blessing. You are also invited to bring seeds, potted plants, or other parts of God’s wonderful natural creation for blessings. Remember that Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. Plants, rocks, water ways, wild animals, and the land itself are part of this holy celebration.

I connected with this zebra in Kenya. Our eyes locked for a long time.

To allow for a full celebration of God’s creation, I have made it a tradition, in whatever church I serve, to set aside the whole month of October to do blessings. This practice began as a way to bless the relationships between home-bound people and their animal companions. I quickly learned, however, that people wanted in-home blessings for their elderly pets, their anti-social cats, and their gardens. Once I offered to make home visits, I was invited to all kinds of places. I’ve blessed animals in shelters. I’ve taken trips to the zoo with families to bless animals that were particularly special for that family. I’ve blessed wild birds – even an eagle’s nest. I’ve blessed Puget Sound itself. If you would like me to come bless your garden, your pets, wild animals, seeds you intend to plant in a garden, or a special piece of God’s creation, please call QAUMC at 206-282-4307.

Remember to come to worship on October 2 to celebrate God’s wonders in creation and to honor Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226). More importantly, come to honor the ways in which God’s grace, glory, and beauty are manifest in all of creation.

St. Francis preaching to the birds.

For more about Saint Francis, pick up the book Clare and Francis, which tells the story of both Saints Clare and Francis, including the story of Saint Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio.

*(Please bring dogs on leashes and other animals in appropriate carriers.)

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