Health Kit Ministry: Faith in Action

The UMC is at work all around the globe putting faith into action by rebuilding towns and cities, providing emergency relief after disasters, and contributing to long term relief efforts. We are at work along the Gulf Coast in the US, in MO and across the South helping rebuild communities still devastated by tornadoes, along the Horn of Africa relieving hunger, in Haiti helping to rebuild a nation, in Japan as it continues to live in the after effects of multiple disasters, and now along the East Coast of the United States responding to the devastation that Hurricane Irene left in it’s wake.

Queen Anne UMC is joining this effort by assembling health kits from now until Advent. Each kit may seem like a small contribution, but band aids, towels, and tooth paste dramatically increase the quality of life after a disaster. You can help by bringing the items used in kits. You can help by coming on Sundays to help assemble kits. You can help by donating to QAUMC for “health kits” and we will use your donation to help purchase items for the kits or to pay shipping costs.

Information about relief kits can be found at If you would like to help QA UMC in our efforts to contribute to UMCOR’s work, please call us (206) 282-4307 or email us

Health Kits
Value: $ 12.00
1 hand towel
15” x 25” to 17”x 27” kitchen, cleaning and microfiber towels not acceptable
1 washcloth 1 comb
comb needs to be sturdy and at least 8” long no pocket combs or picks please rattail combs and combs without handles are acceptable
1 metal nail file or clipper
no emery boards or toenail clippers please
1 bath size soap
3 oz. and larger sizes only all brands are acceptable do not remove from original packaging
1 toothbrush
adult size only do not remove from original packaging
6 adhesive bandages
3⁄4” to 1 “ size common household band aids
1 plastic bag
one gallon size sealable bags only
$1.00 to purchase toothpaste

Assembly Directions Set the $1.00 for toothpaste aside to be included in a separate envelope. Lay out the hand towel flat on a table. Lay the washcloth flat in the center of the hand towel. Place all remaining items on top of the wash cloth. Fold over the sides of the hand towel to cover all of the items. Fold over one end of the hand towel so that it covers all of the items. Grasp the bundle of items tightly and roll over the remainder of the hand towel tightly. Place the tightly rolled bundle in the plastic bag. Remove as much air as possible and seal the bag.

Important Notes ‐ All items must be new. ‐ Do not wash any of the items as they will be considered used. ‐ Please remove all packaging. ‐ All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict
rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that kits contain only the requested
items – nothing more. ‐ DO NOT include any personal notes, money or additional material in the kits. These things must be painstakingly
removed and will delay the shipment.

UMCOR is now purchasing toothpaste in bulk to be added to health kits before shipping to ensure that the product does not expire before they are sent. Do not put single dollar bills in each kit. Collect all monies for toothpaste and shipping, place it in a separate envelope and send along with the kit donations.
Packing Kits  Box Weight. Each packed box cannot exceed 66 pounds.

Shipping Kits
1. Complete 2 packing lists-one for your records and one to put on the shipping box. 2. Paste the shipping label / packing list on the outside of each box you send. The shipping list helps the depot to quickly
process kits. 3. Processing & Shipping Costs: Please enclose an envelope containing at least $1 for each kit you send. This donation
enables kits to be sent to areas in need.

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