Children’s Chapel @QAUMC

Altar for Children's Chapel on March 6, 2012.

Queen Anne UMC’s preschool is called Little Red Wagon. It provides an inclusive, loving, and enriching learning environment for 2-5 year olds. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Pastor Katie leads the kids in chapel. Each chapel includes a call to worship, a song, a lesson/story, and a prayer.

During the week of March 5, the lesson was about Noah, the animals, and God’s promise of love and restraint. After the call to worship and a rousing rendition of “Rise and Shine,” the kids learned about Noah and the flood. Most importantly, they learned that God promised all of creation to love it, even when it misbehaves. God is a god of love and not a god of destruction. In response to the lesson, each child received a rainbow sticker and a rainbow piece of foam board. They selected a color that says something about them because they are a living part of God’s promise. In the streaming spring sunshine, the kids raised their colors above their heads making a rainbow inside.

This is one way QAUMC loves children and teaches them about God, love, values, and liturgy. Children are always welcome here.

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