Photos and Audio

Walter Brueggemann – Sabbath Justice Beyond Pharaoh – 3-13-15 from katie m ladd on Vimeo.

Susannah Heschel on Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel from March 12, 2014.


Photos from Cornel West on Abraham Joshua Heschel, 3/8/2014

Photos from Ron Finley on Gardening, Young People, and Radical Community, 6/26/2013

Marion Nestle on the Farm Bill, Nutrition, and Politics

The Brilliance Brought the Music, 5/17/2013

Mike Wallace on Climate Change and Joel Salatin on Christian Ethics and Organic Farming (March & April 2013)

The video of Bill McKibben’s talk from April 28, 2013 is now available online. Thanks to Pirate Television for recording the event.

Some of our folks record podcasts or do interviews when they are in town. Every now and then we record a session of The Well. We post a few of those talks here.

  • Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove talks about stability, community, and new monasticism.
  • Tony Jones recorded a podcast at the Seattle School. Have a listen.
  • Anne Lamott dropped by the local public radio station KUOW for a talk when we flew her out.

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