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“A more just and compassionate society can be built through generous conversation in community over time.”


At the Well’s public events, nationally and internationally respected leaders facilitate conversation, offer presentations, and curate dialogue that is respectful, engaged, and deep.

Public events fall in to one of 5 focus areas: Food, Faith and Planet; Autism and Us; How to have difficult conversations; Spiritual Journey/Pilgrimage; and Power, Violence, Peace.




The Well Happenings


Focus Area: Spiritual Journey/Pilgrimage

May 5, 6:30 PM. Vespers. 40 minutes of silence, song, and prayer. Nothing flashy. Just listening deeply for Spirit.

Focus Area: Power, Violence, Peace

May 12-14, From Ferguson to Seattle: Conversations with Activist Organizers from Ferguson, MO (with the Rev. Dr. Willis Johnson, Father Steve Lawler, and others.),

Panel Dialogue: 7 PM, May 13, $5. Get your tickets!

The Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson is pastor at Wellspring UMC in Ferguson, MO. He came to prominence in August 2014 during the protests in Ferguson, MO, where he served as a peacekeeper and organizer.

Father Steve Lawler: an unlikely priest (ask his high school friends) the Rev. Steve Lawler not only leads St Stephens & The Vine, he is faculty and coordinator in University College at Washington University in St Louis. An organizational psychologist who works with clients on culture and organizational sustainability, he is grateful for the many ways that he is able to work with others for the common good.

His recent Huffington Post piece Six Months Later, Grief and Hope in Ferguson  describes Ferguson 6 months after the killing of Michael Brown.
Focus Area: Food, Faith, and Planet
May 17 – Green Faith Webinar, 6:00 PM potluck, 6:30 PM webinar, Free and open to the public
Green Faith’s executive director The Rev. Fletcher Harper will join us via a webinar to talk about his book “Green Faith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth” and the work of Green Faith: Interfaith Partners for the Environment. 

Focus Area: Power, Violence, and Peace
June 6, RAWTools: The Peacemaker Tour (with Mike Martin and Kurt Willems),
$20 (General admission), $10 (Student)

“PeaceMaker” is an hour-long ceremony centered in the Christian faith in which a gun is forged into a garden tool while songs, art, stories, and scripture are shared.

By the event’s end a physical representation of God’s prophecy of “beating your swords into plowshares” from Isaiah and Micah is created in actuality. People experience opportunities for healing, purpose, and a reinvigoration of imagination as a new reality is encountered in this physical representation of “forging peace.”

Check out RAWTools for more information about their work.

Focus Area: Spiritual Journey/Pilgrimage

July 7, 6:30 PM, Vespers with The Brilliance: Prayers for the World, no charge, free will offering.

Our friends from The Brilliance join us again. This time they come to lead worship: “Prayers for the World.” Through story, song, and prayer, we will offer intentions for a world of shalom, salaam, peace. All are welcome.

David Gungor, John Arndt, and friends are The Brilliance. Their music is rich, theologically deep, and emotionally honest.  We are very grateful to call them friends and look forward to new and creative ways to bring art and beauty into the world as a healing balm.

If you are able to help us offset costs, you may give $20 at the service. All are welcome. Worship is free.

Focus Area: How to have difficult conversations

July 18. The Interfaith Amigos come to The Well via Compassionate Seattle. Stay tuned for more information!

Focus Area: Power, Violence, Peace


July 22, 7 PM, Dr. Amy K. Bailey and Dr. Stewart Tolany, Lynched: The Victims of Southern Mob Violence, $5 suggested donations to help us keep the lights on the doors open.

Dr. Amy K. Bailey, Assoc. Prof. of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Dr. Stewart Tolnay, Prof. of Sociology at the University of Washington have co-authored the book Lynched: The Victims of Southern Mob ViolenceThey offer the results of their research as a foundation for conversation. The history of violence and the patterns of racial violence in the South robbed people of dignity and identity, and the patterns are still at work today. Race and violence and the dignity robbed of people are found on newspaper headlines everyday. This conversation will not be only about history; it will be about our communities today.

As always, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

Focus Areas: Spiritual Journey/Pilgrimage and Power, Violence, Peace

jwhportrait1July 29-30, 7 PM, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Reconstructing   America: The Moral Center of Today’s Freedom Struggles, $10 (general), $6.50 (student)

As always, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay. This and all of our events are free to you should you need.

July 29: Training with campus pastors

July 30: Private Micro-Community dialogue

July 30 Public Talk: Reconstructing America: The Moral Center of Today’s Freedom Struggles

Jonathan is a pastor at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church and is a leading voice in the New Monastic moment. He and his wife founded the Rutba House in Durham, NC in 2003. It is a house committed to radical hospitality. He is the director of the School for Conversion. He is a tireless voice and active presence for a compassionate and just community – the beloved community.


Past presenters at The Well include:


*Jennifer Knapp (April 11)
*Film: The Mask You Live In (March 25)
*Walter Brueggemann (March 13-14) (co-sponsored with St. Mark’s Cathedral)
*How to talk with young children about race (March 7) (co-sponsored with Columbia City Church of Hope)
*Dr. Allen Ault (March 5) (co-sponsored with the WA Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty)
*Art&Agriculture: Creative Re-Imagnings of Food Systems (February 19) (co-sponsored)
* Peter Rollins (co-sponsored) (January 8)
* Rafe Pearlman and Guests (January 8)
* Young Adult Interfaith Conference at St. Mark’s (January 12)
* Majora Carter (January 25)
* Julia Weaver (February 11)
* Brian McLaren (February 18)
* Peter Jabin and Darcy Marlow (February 25)
* Cornel West (March 8)
* Susannah Heschel (March 12)
* Karen Armstrong (co-sponsored) (March 14)
* Frank Schaefer (March 29-30)
* Ian Morgan Cron (September 18)
* Cornel West (October 9)
* Helen Prejean (October 13)
* Lydia B Smith/Walking the Camino (November 12)
* The Brilliance (December 2)
* Rafe Pearlman and Gusts (December 31)

* Diana Butler Bass (February 21)
* Phyllis Tickle (March 16)
* Joel Salatin (March 23)
* John “Mike” Wallace (April 10)
* Bill McKibben (April 28)
* Norman Wirzba (May 15)
* The Brilliance (May 17)
* Robert Paarlberg (May 28)
* Marion Nestle (June 18)
* Ron Finley (June 26)
* Charles Montgomery (September 18)
* Monica A Coleman (October 9)
* Derek Webb (October 17)
* Aidan Key (October 26)
* Chipotle Church (October 27)
*Rabbi Michael Lerner (November 19)

* Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson (Thursdays in March)
* Robert V Taylor (April 18)
* Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (April 24)
* Carrie Newcomer (May 12)
* John Dominic Crossan (May 26-27)
* Kathleen Norris (June 6)
* Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (June 10)
* Jennifer Knapp (June 18-19)
* Luis Rodriguez (July 19)
* Forum on marriage equality (August 30)
* Philip Gulley (September 4)
* Macky Alston and his film “Love Free or Die” (October 10)
* Alexander McCall Smith (October 20)
* Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose (November 1)
* Tony Jones (November 8 )
* Anne Lamott (November 13)
* Jennifer Knapp and Margaret Becker (November 29)
* Dickens Carolers (December 23)

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